INSTANTEL Standard Triaxial Geophone Minimate Plus4

Blast-seismic terminal Location №3 Geophone

Note the following when looking at the table below:

1. Contrary to the other devices in the system, the seismograph can operate in real time. Stored data in unit memory are transferred to the system in sequences (via internet connection) - using periods with no activity. the so measured data are available post factum, with dynamic periodicity.

2. The reported events (triggering the seismograph) shown in the table will include anything the seismograph has recorded. The reason for them may be excavation, backfilling, construction or road works, home repairs, as well as movements/operation of heavy machines or underground blasting. The underground blasting in the Krumovgrad Mine takes place between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm according to an approved plan.

3. The values are displayed in engineering units - maximum speed of movement/displacement of a particle in millimeters per second. Measurements are taken according to the German standard DIN4150 on the seismic stability of buildings. Use of the standard is widespread and we use it due to the lack of a reference document in the Bulgarian legislation.

4. The reported events are extremely weak. Any potential magnitude conversion to the Richter scale or the Medvedev scale (Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik Scale (MSK-64) would show a maximum 2 value.

5. The table does not provide sufficient information, as frequency values are not provided of each of the three included waves. Impact and limit levels depend on the frequency values. The files can only be read with a suitable application.

6. A report on a given event can be obtained upon request addressed to the Information Center of Dundee Precious Metals EAD or by c alling 072868360 or 072868361.

File Archive:


Event Time Download Description
2021-04-21 15:23:19Download fileTran, Tran Peak-1.103, Long Peak-1.955, Vert Peak-0.780
2021-04-21 15:09:57Download fileTran, Tran Peak-1.017, Long Peak-1.348, Vert Peak-0.985
2021-04-21 14:38:49Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.780, Long Peak-0.678, Vert Peak-0.804
2021-04-21 14:15:48Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.749, Long Peak-0.654, Vert Peak-0.772
2021-04-21 14:15:00Download fileTran, Tran Peak-1.852, Long Peak-2.593, Vert Peak-1.695
2021-04-21 14:14:06Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.599, Long Peak-0.457, Vert Peak-0.575
2021-04-14 15:39:01Download fileVert, Tran Peak-0.765, Long Peak-1.482, Vert Peak-1.379
2021-04-14 15:35:16Download fileVert, Tran Peak-0.646, Long Peak-1.458, Vert Peak-1.371
2021-04-14 15:26:56Download fileVert, Tran Peak-0.418, Long Peak-0.686, Vert Peak-0.701
2021-04-14 15:23:32Download fileVert, Tran Peak-0.386, Long Peak-0.607, Vert Peak-0.646
2021-03-24 11:41:17Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.646, Long Peak-0.512, Vert Peak-0.662
2021-03-24 11:24:57Download fileVert, Tran Peak-0.520, Long Peak-0.607, Vert Peak-0.552
2021-03-17 04:29:20Download fileLong, Tran Peak-0.449, Long Peak-0.520, Vert Peak-0.236
2021-03-16 16:36:30Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.583, Long Peak-0.434, Vert Peak-0.560
2021-03-16 16:31:25Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.670, Long Peak-0.552, Vert Peak-0.725
2021-03-16 00:27:37Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.520, Long Peak-0.552, Vert Peak-0.552
2021-03-15 18:38:15Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.646, Long Peak-0.583, Vert Peak-0.567
2021-03-11 09:54:35Download fileVert, Tran Peak-0.268, Long Peak-0.268, Vert Peak-0.631
2021-03-11 09:47:35Download fileVert, Tran Peak-0.244, Long Peak-0.347, Vert Peak-0.536
2021-03-06 16:29:27Download fileTran, Tran Peak-1.521, Long Peak-0.812, Vert Peak-0.678
2021-03-06 16:29:20Download fileTran, Tran Peak-1.040, Long Peak-0.678, Vert Peak-0.694
2021-03-06 16:29:17Download fileLong, Tran Peak-0.820, Long Peak-0.591, Vert Peak-0.662
2021-03-06 16:29:11Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.733, Long Peak-0.481, Vert Peak-0.434
2021-02-23 14:12:41Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.560, Long Peak-0.560, Vert Peak-0.599
2021-02-23 14:12:33Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.567, Long Peak-0.504, Vert Peak-0.591
2021-02-23 13:45:21Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.520, Long Peak-0.520, Vert Peak-0.552
2021-02-23 13:45:09Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.560, Long Peak-0.457, Vert Peak-0.497
2021-02-23 13:40:51Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.504, Long Peak-0.418, Vert Peak-0.489
2021-02-23 13:40:46Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.638, Long Peak-0.583, Vert Peak-0.638
2021-02-23 13:40:18Download fileTran, Tran Peak-0.717, Long Peak-0.646, Vert Peak-0.725